Bill's Retirement Card

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5:38pm 06-29-2021
Nancy Sartin
Goodbye and thank you for much good listening. Wishing great adventures and happy years to come. From Nan at the old church in Kinderhook.
3:12pm 06-29-2021
Pamela Blum
Thank you, Bill, for years-worth of mornings with your music selections and gracious presence. Best wishes for your retirement years.
3:11pm 06-29-2021
All the best! We will miss you!
2:59pm 06-29-2021
Bill Thyne
Bill, congratulations on your retirement. We will miss you. There is no one who is better on the radio than you. For so many years I have listened to you in the morning...I don't know what I'll do now. I set my morning schedule around "Nine o'clock Mozart." When you take a brief vacation my mornings are chaos. I wish you the best in the years to come, and perhaps you may make a "guest appearance" some day as you fill in for Rob Brown when he takes a vacation. That would be the best! Thank you for all the wonderful insights and sounds; you will be missed. Bill Thyne, Glens Falls, NY.
2:12pm 06-29-2021
Gloria M Taylor
Congrats on a long, memorable, and much-appreciated career at WMHT-FM. Thanks for your warm, unpretentious approach to classical music -- I learned a lot, and enjoyed even more. Retirement is great-- enjoy it!
2:11pm 06-29-2021
Virginia Claus

Thank you for the exceptional, passionate work you created each and every day.

I wish you much joy as you begin the next chapter in your remarkable life.

10:26am 06-29-2021
Romola Chrzanowski
I will miss your program terribly. I wish you a wonderful future in all your endeavors and I am sure they will be musical in every way. I only discovered your program within the last year or 2 and feel like I am learning something every day. I hope your replacement will try to do the same for listeners. Best wishes for a happy and healthy future. Thank you!
10:15am 06-29-2021
Susan Gregory
Thank you for all your wonderful hosting. You always made me feel welcome. Wishing you a creative and restful retirement.
8:42am 06-29-2021
Thanks for all the music! Best wishes for a joyful retirement.
7:53am 06-29-2021
Michael Mudrovic
Congrats on your retirement. We will miss you!
6:18pm 06-28-2021
Bill ... Thank you so much for getting my day off to a good start for many years. BRAVO ! ! !
May your retirement provide you with good health and fulfilled dreams.
You will be sorely missed.
6:52am 06-28-2021
Kerry Ryan
Happy Retirement ❤️. You will be missed. Thank you and enjoy retirement.
5:57am 06-28-2021
Carol Maiello
Bill, you’ll be truly missed. We have never taken you for granted. You’ve brightened our mornings, and there’s never been a day than we didn’t comment on how knowledgeable, warm, unpretentious, and positive you are. We wish you health and happiness in your retirement, but we’re very sad to know that we won’t be hearing your voice to start our days.
5:07am 06-28-2021
Michael Kreek
I just discovered you about a year ago and since that time I have been a constant listener. Now I hear you are leaving. It's not fair. I very much regret having missed the other 33 years. But what must be, must be. I will add my voice to all the other voices in wishing you a fruitful and joyous retirement, but I am not happy that you are leaving.
7:20am 06-26-2021
Lisa A Campbell
Bill, what can I say that hasn't already been said?! I love waking up to your voice and the excellent music that plays all day in my home. I wish you a well deserved retirement and thank you for all you've done for my listening pleasure!!
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