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1:11pm 06-25-2021
Thank you so much Bill for all of our most favorite hours of music on WMHT. You are truly irreplaceable. I especially appreciated you playing Phillip Glass along with so many of our favorite classical works. Wishing you all the best in your well-deserved retirement! - Jane and Paul Bloogood-Abrams
12:55pm 06-25-2021
Alexandra Schmidt
Bill, your voice has started almost every one of my children’s school days, catalyzed their commute conversations, and shaped them into appreciators of classical music. They are 17, 20, and 22, and all feel like you have been part of their growing up. Another page turns. Thank you so much for being part of our lives, and making them better. —Alexandra
9:48am 06-25-2021
John Ferguson
May your retirement be as happy and fulfilling as mine has been! One problem: how will I know it's time to get up without your voice?
9:23am 06-25-2021
Eileen Schoch
What a long, strange road its been. Well, long but not strange. You have made this trip a daily adventure! For this I heartily thank you. Now go into the unknown of retirement and start working on your ‘bucket list‘! (A New Year’s concert in Vienna comes to mind.)
9:16am 06-25-2021
Barbara Guerin
What a wonderful run its been ! So many great times ahead. Enjoy each day. You certainly will be missed. Thanks for the memories.
8:50am 06-25-2021
David Schnitz
Thank you so much Bill for all of the beauty, serenity and sanity your music choices and friendly knowledgeable voice has brought us. Many days during this pandemic your reassuring voice and music kept me mentally afloat. Thank you again, happy trails…
8:21am 06-25-2021
Candace Lider
You will be greatly missed. For many years I woke up to your program and listened to it on my way to work. Although I hate to see you go i also understand how important retirement is to working folks ( I retired 2 years ago). Enjoy every minute.
8:06am 06-25-2021
Marge and Ed Blaine
Best wishes for an enjoyable and healthy retirement. Your voice, first thing in the morning, will be missed. Now living in Ancram, we spent the early months of the quarantine in Brooklyn where we listened to you regularly through the app. Hope you hear your voice again sometime, maybe as a weekend part-time host!!
12:27am 06-25-2021
Mary Frances Miller
Best wishes for a happy and healthy retirement.
Your voice and musical knowledge will be missed.
8:54pm 06-24-2021
Michael Pidgeon
May God Bless You on your retirement.
8:37pm 06-24-2021
Emily Moorefield
I am so sad that Bill is retiring. The 9 o Clock Mozart is my favorite show on WMHT, I’ve listened to it pretty much every day at work since I moved to upstate NY I’m 2011. I like everyone at the station, but Bill is my favorite voice, he’s the perfect combination of friendly & lighthearted & erudite. He sounds like “home.” I will really miss hearing you every weekday morning!!! But retirement sounds pretty damn good, too, so I get it. Best of luck to you in all your future activities. You’ve made many a work day morning much more bearable, and that’s an incredible accomplishment all by itself, not to mention an enormous service. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. - Emily
8:34pm 06-24-2021
Thank you Bill, wonderful listening to you all these years. Long and happy retirement to you!
7:18pm 06-24-2021
brad weatherup
thankyouthankyouthankyouetc, the 7th is also my favorite
6:47pm 06-24-2021
Steve Kulcsar
What ! no Bill Winans .What's the world coming to ?
6:31pm 06-24-2021
Paula Silbey
Congratulations on your retirement. You’ll be greatly missed. Personally I preferred listening to you than the more famous Robert J. L. I’m already a sustaining member so made a small additional donation today in your honor.
Best of luck in whatever the future brings.
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