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1:15pm 06-24-2021
Regina Clarke
I have listened to you and your wonderful voice since I moved to the Hudson Valley in 2012. It has been something so grand and comforting, too. I wish you much joy and new experiences in your retirement. I will miss you!

God bless,
1:05pm 06-24-2021
Rich Leighton
May you have great joy on your journey into retirement, Hopefully it will bring you all the joy and happiness you have brought all us listeners over the years.
1:04pm 06-24-2021
John Wirenius
Congratulations on your retirement, Bill. In my 7 years in the Capital District, your company has brightened the mornings for me, and never more so than in the depths of the pandemic. You can’t be replaced, only succeeded.
12:53pm 06-24-2021
Dear Bill, thanks for making my mornings so enjoyable for so many years. I hope you are looking forward to sleeping in until at least 6am, and look forward to hearing you again at the 50th!
Cheers and bless you.
12:50pm 06-24-2021
Jane and Paul Bloodg
Thank you so much Bill for all of our most FAVORITE hours of music on WMHT. You are truly irreplaceable, and have been an amazing host. We especially appreciated you playing Phillip Glass along with so many of our favorite classical works. Wishing you all the best in your well deserved retirement! You will be missed!
12:32pm 06-24-2021
Eric P
Thank you Bill for helping me ease into my work day. I will miss hearing you in the mornings. All the best in your retirement.
12:21pm 06-24-2021
Prentiss Carnell
Enjoy your retirement. Nothing like it. Thank you for a job well done.
12:07pm 06-24-2021
Jim Crane
Bill, Thank you so much for your gentle morning voice, which has started my days with a smile and Great Vibes these past several years. All the best to you with your retirement plans.
Kind regards,
Jim Crane, Devoted Listener in Tivoli, NY
11:59am 06-24-2021
Wesley Baggett's
From Wesley Baggett's Violins in Troy.
Congratulations on your retirement. You will be missed.
When I'm either building a violin or repairing one I listen to WMHT. Your voice is iconic. Your inspection is invaluable. Thank you for your years of kind words of inspiration.
11:51am 06-24-2021
Alan B.
Whenever you weren’t there in the mornings, I somewhat begrudgingly tolerated the network announcers, but it was never the same. Being local and live made all the difference – a classical companion indeed. Thank you and Godspeed.
11:46am 06-24-2021
Dear Bill,
The one abiding joy of retirement is the peace of the mornings. Mornings become almost sacred. The sitting quietly with a second cup of coffee and feeling the rhythms and stirrings of a new day. And you bringing the perfect soundtrack. Thank you for my mornings.

Now it's your turn. Relax and enjoy each day's unfolding with all its joys for you.

11:40am 06-24-2021
Jonah Triebwasser
Congratulations and best wishes for a happy and healthy retirement.
11:38am 06-24-2021
Michael J Peters
It has been an honor and a privilege to get to know you both in-person and on the air. You define the phrase class act in both realms. As for your on-air presence, you have introduced this classical newbie to a world of music in a meaningful way; always explaining in a manner that helped me understand the context of a piece . I thank you for that.. I remain honored to have you and your wonderful wife, Signe,as friends.
Much Love and Congratulations on your retirement.  The Capital Region and I will miss your dulcet tones on-air.
All the Best,
Michael Peters
11:31am 06-24-2021
Frank Petruccelli
Dear Bill. Since my mid 20's I get up in the morning, turn on WMHT, feed the cats and pour the first cup of coffee of the day. You are a tradition, a ritual, that soothing voice in the morning the let me know what fantastic music I am hearing and will hear during the day. Though we have never met in person you are definitely a part of my life. I wish you all the best and congratulations on your retirement. Morning will not be the same and you are going to missed by many of your listeners, like myself.
11:30am 06-24-2021
Mary Ellen Galvin
I first found WMHT, and you, driving from my home in NJ to my daughter’s home in Albany. So many times you’ve made the drive on the Thruway seem like a breeze. I listen t you on my computer when I’m at home. Thank you for the beautiful music!! You’ll be missed! Enjoy your retirement!!
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