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10:30am 06-24-2021
Curtis Funk
Thanks for the company each morning, especially these last 15 months. Enjoy the journey!
10:20am 06-24-2021
Lynne Mehalick
Best wishes for your good health and happiness Bill. Thank you for gently waking me all these years. Could wmht continue to air recordings of you saying good morning at 8am? Also, I have always wondered if you are the same Bill Winans that had a classical music show on the Cornell campus radio station in the early 1970's. May peace and good music always be with you.
10:19am 06-24-2021
Diana DuBois
Thank you for your dedication to WMHT radio! Your voice will be missed as well as your radio presence. May your retirement be all you have planned for and more!
God Bless!
10:07am 06-24-2021
Dan Wilcox
Like my coffee, your voice eased me into my day, for years. Wishing you a long, happy & productive retirement. Peace.
9:48am 06-24-2021
Wendy Lee Connelly
I have so enjoyed hearing you in the mornings for years and will greatly miss your cheerful voice. Happy Retirement!!
9:46am 06-24-2021
Elizabeth Alan
I was just telling my husband the other day that I could not imagine listening to WMHT without hearing your voice. I am so sad to hear this as I have been listening to you my entire life. As a child WMHT was always on in our house, and now as an adult and mother WMHT is always on in my house. Thank you for providing, quite literally, the soundtrack to my life
9:42am 06-24-2021
Peter Collura
Dear Mr. Winans,
Congratulations on your retirement! I have been listening to WHMT all my life, and though Mr. Brown and Mr. Wienk are pretty good, you're my favorite. Some voices I have heard the on radio are robotic, and have no life them; yours isn't.
My name is Peter Collura, I am eleven years old, live in East Fishkill, NY, and am proud to be a fan of Classical Music.
9:41am 06-24-2021
Frank W Barrie
For me, it started with Robert J Lurtsema's Morning Pro Musica on WGBH in Boston and then in Buffalo (thankfully, still a classical music station out there!). Bill surpasses that sonorous voice, including the long pauses, albeit wonderful! THANK YOU Bill for your many years on the air with WMHT. AND here's hoping in your retirement you make it to Kleinhans Music Hall...up there with our Troy Music Hall as a place to hear music. All best wishes and many healthy and happy years ahead- Frank
9:23am 06-24-2021
Peggy & Jack
Time passes so quickly. Thanks for being the soundtrack of our mornings. Enjoy every day of your retirement!
9:16am 06-24-2021
Colleen Benton
Mr. Bill Winans, Thank you for providing the soundtrack for my morning ritual. I’ll admit to being slightly panicked when you announced your retirement. I will most miss hearing you relate tid bits of your vast knowledge about the composers and musicians. Welcome to the retirement club. It’s wonderful and you have certainly earned it. Best, Colleen Benton, Carlisle, NY
9:15am 06-24-2021
Joan mcloughlin
to my favorite best announcer , I will miss your unique sense of humor ...llease stay in touch with us and give us an occasional update. my retirement is not too far away eather ...stay healthy and peaceful . ‚̧and by the,way HAPPY Birthday too
9:13am 06-24-2021
Virginia Euwer Wolff
Thank you for so many fine hours, gleeful and tearful, so many of them stirring memories of familiar musics played, so many more of them teaching me new things. I've never disliked a Nine O'Clock Mozart moment. Thank you for shepherding us through the pandemic. I wish you a splendid retirement and will always be grateful to you.
9:13am 06-24-2021
Teresa L Genovese
Thank you Bill for your years of dedicated service. I will miss your wonderful presence yet I wish you all the very best to you in your future endeavors!

Bless you, stay safe, healthy and happy!
9:09am 06-24-2021
Stewart Brenner
Dear Bill,
I am saddened to hear you will be leaving us. You have become such an integral part of so many morning listeners’ routines! It will be difficult to carry on without you waking us, guiding us, informing us, entertaining us, and raising our spirits no matter what life chooses to bring our way. For 20 years we could always count on you to get us through the morning.
But I am happy for you and wish you only the best in this next stage of your life. There is no doubt you have earned this opportunity to step back, take a deep breath, and pursue interests and activities you have had to defer or put on hold.
I thank you for your 34 years of dedication to WMHT and for gently teaching us so much about classical music.
I will end this post with the immortal words of Mr Spock, first office aboard the Starship Enterprise: Live Long And Prosper!!
Stew Brenner Poughkeepsie, NY
9:09am 06-24-2021
Deborah Adams
Thank you for all that you have done for WMHT! You have been my morning friend for so many years. You will be missed greatly, but I am so happy for you, and hope you enjoy every minute of your retirement!
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