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8:56am 06-24-2021
S. M.
Bill, congratulations from Fishkill, NY. I will miss waking up to your voice on the radio between such beautiful pieces of music. Thank you for the gifts of your knowledge, companionship, and uniquely wonderful voice.
8:50am 06-24-2021
Rajesh Aialavajjala
When I heard the news that you were retiring, I was quickly taken aback. I just kind of sat at my desk for a moment and tried to process the announcement, wondering how long it had been since I have started my mornings listening to 89.1 WMHT (more often than not streaming - my daughter loves saying "The online stream of Classical WMHT..." You are a true professional in every sense of the word, and a man who is every bit as skilled on the answering and acknolwdging listener questions side of the trade as you are on the technical side of radio broadcasting (technical in my mind dispensing wisdom as relates to composers and of course the programs you host) - I confess to having stopped in a Thruway rest area to restart listening so I would not miss Julia Fischer play that morning's edition of the "9 o'clock Mozart - and listening to WMHT during a 400 mile drive

Part of me was happy, knowing that you—tireless worker that you are — is now free to take some time for himself. Another part of me was sad — the selfish, stubborn part of me that wants Bill to stay on WMHT forever so I don't miss listening. It was amazing to make your acquaintance on the last "WMHT meet the hosts"

To say that you will be missed is an understatement...I would be remiss if I did not say that all the WMHT hosts are amazing - the programming that you put on is just priceless.

"Greatness is always difficult if not near impossible to see at the passing moment. In the present, we lack the foresight which allows us to put an individual’s achievements in context. "


8:50am 06-24-2021
Art Frederick
I remember when you were younger, etc etc etc. But sincerely, you have accomplished much, and now a new chapter opens for you. I know you aren't going to just sit and watch PBS programs. Whatever your retirement activities, stay positive and groom your curiosity. The world teems with novelty and things of interest. Whatever you do, keep smiling. If you ever get to South Carolina, be sure to stop bere in Greenville and see our city - and us, too.
8:49am 06-24-2021
Jason Mark
Congratulations Bill and thank you...thank you for being the calming voice in the midst of challenging times. From 6am (making breakfast) to my ride into work, to my morning at work you and WMHT have made some hectic mornings melt away. Be safe and enjoy your well deserved new chapter.
8:48am 06-24-2021
Carol Shein
Hi Bill... I feel you have been my treasured friend.. hearing your voice every day , since I moved tp Chatham, NY 4 1/2 years ago....and the wonderful programing and expert explanations. Thank you sooooo much for being “MY MORNING COMPANION, having introduced me To WMHT.. I wish you the very best as you continue your journey ❤️Carol
Shein, sustaining member
8:40am 06-24-2021
Charles Ehly
Hi Bill, Congratulations on your retirement. We're all going to miss you at the station and on the radio. Since I've been working at home, I've had you on every morning and have really enjoyed listening to you. I hope we can get together at the Golden Cue soon. By the way, nice glasses.
8:39am 06-24-2021
Haley E.
Thank you for providing such beautiful music to wake up to! Enjoy your retirement!
8:38am 06-24-2021
Bob Epp
Congratulations Bill, I’ve very much enjoyed listening to you and the music you’ve presented since I moved to the region 15 years ago. It’s meant the world to me during stressful times at work and peaceful times at home. I usually wake up with WMHT precisely at 0606 to avoid the morning news and start getting hungry for lunch when you sign off near 1200. I’ve learned a lot from your daily descriptions such as William’s Lark Ascending, debates on the title of Appalachian Spring, and Beethoven’s change of heart in naming his 3rd Symphony. Thank you and best wishes for a long, happy, and healthy retirement!!
8:22am 06-24-2021
Colleen Benton
Thank you for being a part of my morning routine. I admit to being panicked for just a moment. I will most miss hearing you relate the tid bits of your vast knowledge of classical music, composers, and composers. Welcome to the retirement club! You have earned it. Best wishes from Carlisle, NY!
8:11am 06-24-2021
Sheila G Clark
Thank you for your years of loving dedication! Enjoy your highly deserved retirement!
8:04am 06-24-2021
Sarah Hauenstein
Thank you! We listen to your show all the time and our 4 year old son knows so much about classical music from you. Thanks!
Sarah, Eric, and George
7:57am 06-24-2021
Nancy De Flon
The matching gift offer got me again. I just made another one-time donation, this time to thank Bill for being such a wonderful host and to wish him well in his retirement.
7:49am 06-24-2021
Evelyn Bernstein
I just want to wish Bill Winans a very happy retirement. I have listened to his for years, and have always enjoyed his programs. He plays some unusual
pieces of music. Thank you for your dedication to such good music. Vaya Con Dios! Evelyn
1:07pm 06-23-2021
Allison V.
Bill - I wasn't able to work alongside you but I'm so moved by all the comments and outpouring of love for your amazing career. Best of luck and wishing you a long, happy, and healthy retirement!
10:39am 06-23-2021
Lynn Valentino
Bill- It's been great to work with you! Have a great retirement- if you still wake up early that is a great time to golf!
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