Bill's Retirement Card


10:39am 06-23-2021
Lynn Valentino
Bill- It's been great to work with you! Have a great retirement- if you still wake up early that is a great time to golf!
9:34am 06-23-2021
George Hauenstein
Will miss ya Bill. Thanks and congrats. You help make morning drive more bearable. And classical music more accessible.
3:29pm 06-22-2021
Chris Wienk
Bill, I'm gonna miss ya! Keep on keepin' on! Great to have worked with you for nearly 20 years. Have a good time sleeping in each day! Thanks for all you've given us, and stay in touch.
2:46pm 06-22-2021
Keren Carmeli
Congratulations! It's been a pleasure working with you ... enjoy the next chapter
2:28pm 06-22-2021
Patricia Manion
Happy retirement, Bill. We will miss you in the mornings. You always were a bright spot in our day. Thanks for the beautiful music.
2:27pm 06-22-2021
Margaret Lamar King
Congrats and thank you for everything you have done to share your love of music with us all. Take care and be well <3
2:26pm 06-22-2021
Jennifer Karp
I have so enjoyed my morning drives with you! You will be missed. Congratulations!
2:24pm 06-22-2021
Cynthia Bogardus
Thank you for many years of music and joy. May you have a long and blissful retirement. Congratulations!
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