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11:27am 06-24-2021
Susan Keating
Bill: Thank you so much for all your years of service with the station. What a comfort you have been, through the last year especially. My husband and I will miss your melodious laugh, cheerful presence and the musical education you gave us with such joy and ease. We hardly knew we were learning things! Health, joy and more time to do the things you love with the people you love.
11:23am 06-24-2021
Anne W. Ackerson
Just adding a well-deserved congratulations to the many posted here. I'm listening right now as I write this and am so enjoying the reminiscences being shared about your career at WMHT. What a legacy!! Thank you for your insights, good humor, and, of course, the music!
11:22am 06-24-2021
Terry D. Wilson
Congratulations on your retirement. I have listened to your morning show continuously from my return to Albany in 2006 and found the timbre of your voice along with the music to be in perfect resonance on my receiver and speakers. Although there are some daunting aspects facing new retirees, especially during the first year, the possibility you may have suggested of semi-retirement initially could offer some consolation especially to your devoted fans.
11:12am 06-24-2021
Mary A Curran
Dear Bill, you always seem to pick just the right selections for each morning. Thank you for being there for all of us, and especially this past year. I have no doubt we will hear more from you in the future. Glad you can "sleep in" from now on!
11:06am 06-24-2021
Susan Adinolfe
Bill, I learned much from your background information about composers, the music and instruments. Also the economy at the time of composition who was in charge, family life, and how they entered into the life of music. Thats a lot of wallop in the 20 to 70 seconds you present it in. (We do pay attention...) so best wishes, sleep in occasionally, and march to the beat of your own drummer.!!!
11:06am 06-24-2021
Bill, Thank you for all the wonderful years you have given your fans! Wishing you joy as you begin your next chapter !!! Good health and happiness , and of course , great music !!!!!
11:04am 06-24-2021
J.C. Dacier
Will miss that voice that came into my home & office in the mornings. You are so lucky to have made a career playing great music. With no obnoxious advertising. Thanks for your service. Learned a lot from your commentary.
10:58am 06-24-2021
michael thomas
thank you very much bill,i will miss hearing you every morning Monday through Friday mornings & hope that you have a very happy retirement I also hope that you will be back for the 50th anniversary of wmht-fm. thank you bill.
10:57am 06-24-2021
Colleen Benton
Mr. Bill Winans, Thank you for providing the soundtrack for my morning ritual. I’ll admit to being slightly panicked when you announced your retirement. I will most miss hearing you relate tid bits of your vast knowledge about the composers and musicians. Welcome to the retirement club. It’s wonderful and you have certainly earned it. Best, Colleen Benton, Carlisle, NY
10:57am 06-24-2021
Raymond D. Smith, Jr
Bill, very best wishes as you hang up your earphones! I've been a listener and supporter of WMHT for years. At age 88 and in my own twenty-sixth year of retirement, I strongly recommend it. I do, however, find that I'm busier now than when I was working and I still get up just after five most mornings, but never at 3:30AM. You may enjoy sleeping in until 5 or 6AM, yourself. Blessings on you and very best wishes. Good health and long life. Ray Smith
10:56am 06-24-2021
Nancy de Flon
Bill, thank you for the music, thank you for the talk, just thank you for your companionship in the mornings. You just said that when you're in front of that microphone you don't know whether you're talking to two people or 2,000. Nor do you have a complete idea of how you're affecting those who are listening -- and it's all for the good. Thank you for accompanying me on my rides to endless medical appointments, or on my drives up the mountain -- I know the exact spot at which I need to switch from 88.7 to 89.1 to keep the signal, and of course it's on the notorious hairpin curve on Rt 23a. Thank you for playing the Ride of the Valkyries just when I need an extra boost to get me down 9W. Thank you for being you. Enjoy your retirement -- I hope we'll have news of you giving a guitar recital somewhere. Wishing you love, joy, and peace.
10:48am 06-24-2021
Arthur Crozier
You will be sorely missed. I discovered WMHT and your program specifically last year when working out of my house in Germantown. When I started back in my office in NYC several months ago, my first action was to get a really good pair of computer speakers so I could stream WMHT throughout the day, particularly early mornings, and listen to the wonderful music as it should be heard
10:46am 06-24-2021
James Joseoh
Life isn't about things staying the same, but boy, isn't it nice sometimes when they do? Things won't be the same without you, Bill; take it easy!
10:39am 06-24-2021
Al Bellenchia
Thanks for spreading the joy of music to so many of us. Wishing you good health and great enjoyment in your retirement.
10:37am 06-24-2021
Bill...I can't imagine living in this area and not hearing your voice every AM. Your classical selections and always interesting facts brightened my day. Cheers to a wonderful retirement!! And as always, what an accomplished guitarist!
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